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About Brotato Mobile Game

Brotato Mobile is a top-down sandbox shooter in which you'll play a potato that uses up to six weapons simultaneously and fights against hordes of aliens. Choose different properties and items to create unique constructions and survive until help arrives.

At first glance, the gameplay in both games is very similar. You look at your character and hope he survives 20 rounds and the RNG gets you. Unlike other games I've played, Brotato requires a lot of intuition when choosing items. If you don't have a flair for item selection (like I do), Brotato will tell you.

This has the small drawback that the game has a steep learning curve, but you feel much better when you finish a run after you get the hang of the characters.

Other things you really like about the game are

  • The fact that there are so many characters, each with a different approach.
  • The variety of items.
  • I can get stronger items by defeating the characters.
  • The ability to upgrade and recycle weapons.
  • Stackable items/statuses.
  • 6 difficulty levels.

More About The Game

Although Brotato Mobile is still in Early Access, it already has a lot of content and playtime and is definitely worth the current price. If you like this kind of games, you should try Brotato. You won't regret it.

Weapons: Weapons are primarily harmful. Weapons can be melee or ranged.

Most characters can have up to six weapons. The exceptions are the Sole Armed, who can have only one weapon, the Multitasker, who can have 12 weapons, and the Bull, who can have no weapons at all.

Ranged Weapons: Ranged weapons fire bullets at the enemy. Their damage is affected by the ranged damage value.

The range is equal to the sum of the weapon's own range and the player's range.Some bullets may penetrate or ricochet.

  • If both penetration and ricochet are present, the bullet will not penetrate until it finishes ricocheting.
  • If a weapon is non-penetrating, its bullets can damage only one opponent.
  • Explosive weapons explode after each ricochet and penetration.

Characters: There are 32 characters in the game: five of them are unlocked at the beginning, the others are unlocked during the game.Each character has unique stats and weapons. Many characters have unique mechanics and some characters are equipped with certain items at the beginning.Most characters also use item tags, focusing on items that fit their playstyle.

Brotato Mobile APK Features & Game Story

A Potato World spaceship has crashed on an alien planet. The sole survivor, Brotato, is the only potato that can wield six weapons at once. While waiting for his friends to rescue him, Brotato must survive in this harsh environment.

Brotato is a top-down Rogelite sandbox shooter in which you play a potato using up to six weapons at once and fighting hordes of aliens. Choose from a variety of features and items to create a unique build and survive until help arrives.
Although Brotato looks like a simple shooter, it is actually much more difficult to play. Only 46.8% of players managed to complete the first boss level.


  • Standard auto-firing weapons and manual aiming options.
  • Fast runs of less than 30 minutes.
  • Dozens of characters to customize your run (one-armed, crazy, lucky, wizard, and many more)
  • Hundreds of items and weapons to choose from (flamethrower, SMG, rocket launcher, sticks and stones, etc.)
  • Survive 20-90 second waves and kill as many aliens as possible during that time.
  • Collect materials during the wave to gain experience and get items from the store.
  • Accessibility options: Customize the health, damage and speed of enemies and choose the difficulty level that suits you best.
Brotato APK Requirements For Both Platforms Android & iOS

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 , 10
  • Android : 5 or higher
  • iOS : 2 or higher
  • Processor: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB, OpenGL 3+ (English)
  • Memory: 200 MB free space

There is a special branch for graphics cards that support OpenGL 2 but have visual glitches.

Modding And Notes

All mods are currently unofficial and should be used at your own risk. Anyone can put any code they want into the shared files (even malicious code to hack you), so be careful what you download and don't download anything suspicious.

Download links lead to individual mod pages that can only be edited by the mod developer. This is not a security guarantee, but it ensures that the download links have not been altered by malicious people.

Installing mods:
Currently, there is no official support for multiple mods. You cannot run multiple mods in the same game using any of these methods.

Method 1: Vanilla PCK replacement
The simplest method:

  • Delete the original Brotato.pck file in the game folder (after backing it up as described above).
  • Move the .pck file from the mod to the game folder and rename it Brotato.pck.
  • Start the game.

Method 2: Multiple EXE files:
This method doesn't allow you to save to the Steam cloud, but you can quickly run a number of mods.

  • Duplicate Brotato.exe in the game folder (using copy and paste).
  • Rename the copied file to match the mod's .pck file.
  • If the .pck file is already named Brotato.pck, you may need to rename it first.
  • Move the .pck mod to the location where the .exe is located.
  • Open the copied .exe file.

APK Size 10MB
Game Size 250MB
Platforms Windows, Android, iOS
Date Published November 16, 2022
Genres Indie, Action


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